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YL Philippines Among Abing

To all our dear friends and supporters,

This week, Young Life Philippines will hold its first national camp of the year: Leverage 2023!

Not only will the upcoming camp be among our biggest this year, it will also be a groundbreaking one.

Leverage 2023 will introduce a lot of new things to more than 100 campers from all over the country—and we're not just talking about new games. We're talking about a fresh take on the Young Life club, unique Holy Week-focused activities, and many more.

Unlike most of our other camps, Leverage 2023 is catered to a completely different group of kids. The camp program is specially designed for kids who have either been to previous Young Life Summer Camps or are actively volunteering in their respective areas.

We'll make sure to keep you all updated with what goes on during the camp, but for now, we ask you to help pray for the camp's success.

With a lot of new activities come a lot of unfamiliar challenges. As a ministry, we hope and pray that this new take on discipleship camps would pave the way for stronger, more meaningful experiences for present and future participants.

So we ask you, dear friends and supporters, to please pray with us:

  • For the campers to travel safely, and for them to make unforgettable memories

  • For the leaders to guide the campers well and to embrace new experiences

  • For the Work Crew to have the strength and stamina to serve throughout the whole camp

  • And for the organizing team to be guided by the central goal of this whole camp: strengthening and solidifying the relationships these kids have with their personal Lord and Savior.

Salamat sa inyong pag-ampo!

From all of us,

Young Life Philippines

I Am Chosen

by: Kizzy Ho


Matthew 28:18‭-‬20

“And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’ Amen.”


I am chosen. These were the words that stood out after I reflected on Matthew 28:18-20. I remember when I first received Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior committed my life to Him…that was in Young Life camp in 2013. I became a Jesus-follower, a leader, and a disciple making disciples.

I prayed and decided to be part of YL Philippines’ staff, and started an area here in my hometown. God called me and chose me to be in this place. To reach out to youth in a rural area. To introduce Jesus to every young person in our community. To help them as they grow in their relationship with Jesus and as they disciple others.

At first, I felt like I was alone doing this. But no, God has always been by my side and never left me alone on this journey. I can't do all this if God were not by my side. Now, we are doing ministry in five communities here in Mabinay, one in Bais, and we are soon opening a new one in the heart of Bais City.

There are a lot of people we need to reach out to. Maybe we can't save the world, but we can impact the people around us by helping them see Jesus through our lives. Wherever we are, we can be His disciple — in our homes, circles, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, anywhere. We are all chosen by the grace of our God, you can be His disciple, too.

I love how this song connected to this devotion:

“I Will Go” by Hillsong

"I have found myself in You, the purpose for my life

I discover who I am, as Your spirit touches mine

Every step I take, every move I make

You are by my side

And I will be strong, my strength is in you

I will go where You want me to go

I will do what You want me to do

Yes I will go where You want me to go

I will be who You want me to be

Anything for You"



Thank You for opening my heart and my eyes to this calling to serve. You chose me to be your disciple. Lord, I ask You to give me strength, knowledge, and wisdom to obey Your command. Lord, show me where you want me to go to reach out to youth, and teach me how to make disciples right where I am. Help me show others who You are through my actions and words. Thank you that You are with me and for me in all this. I surrender everything to You Lord.



Althea Mae K. Nano | Apr 07 | Volunteer Leader, YL Dumaguete

Henjey C. Aque | Apr 07 | Volunteer Leader, YL Bais

Leverage 2023 (National Camp)

YL Philippines

April 6 to 9

Volleyball Camp

YL Dipolog

April 29 to 30


YL Cordova

April 29 to 30

*if you have any inquiries regarding any of the events below, just click on the organizing area to send an email to the staff-in-charge.


Please pray for God's hand on the results of all my 2nd quarter laboratory tests this April.


Please pray for the Lord’s provision for my father’s medication and supplements, as well as career guidance for my sister.


My brother is suffering a mental breakdown and has Bipolar type 2 diagnosis. He is hurting but not getting help and our family is at a loss for how to help him. Please pray for a breakthrough.


Please pray for Bigkis as we prepare Frontier Ranch Philippines and handle some necessary repairs within the campsite, prepare the volunteers and staff for upcoming camps, and for a good camper turnout for these camps.


Please pray for my parents' health, my family's financial provisions, guidance at work and in my studies, for wisdom, continuous YL activities in my community, and that it would expand further.


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