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To all our dear friends and supporters,

This week, we’re doing something special. In light of the life-changing experiences we all had, we’re sharing messages we’ve received from campers who have been part of last week’s Leverage Camp.

Of the 100+ campers that arrived in camp last April 6, quite a handful had given us some heartwarming “testimonies” from their personal experiences from camp. A few spoke up during our “Say So” session (which was also around a wonderful bonfire!), but even more sent their own “Say So” entries in their own special way:

“A camp without God by our side is incomplete; it feels empty… but God was within us until the camp ended. He never left; he was just near us and He let us feel his presence.”

-Kyla, Cebu-North

“Thank you Lord for new friends and for letting me join Leverage because I met many young leaders who want to know you more. I have had many problems that I never thought I would be able to overcome. But then I learned that life is like “Finding The Cross”: that we all face different trials in life… and that  there were answers to all my problems.”

-Jules, Cebu-Highland

“I wanted to share my experiences during Leverage as it became a fruitful and meaningful camp to me as a person, as a son, as a student, and as a volunteer leader. The camp thought me a lot of things, most especially about being one in God despite our religious differences.”

-Ranel, Bais

“From the moment we stepped onto camp, we were welcomed with open arms by the kind and compassionate Work Crew who made us feel right at home. The worship sessions and messages were powerful and inspiring, challenging me to deepen my faith and live boldly for Christ!”

-Perry, Dipolog

“One of the best parts of the camp was when we threw all the sins we’ve been carrying with us into the bonfire. A wave of satisfaction came over me, and it felt like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. It felt like yeah, I’m gonna be okay because I’ve let it all go and I’ve given it all to God.”

-Mary Grace, Palompon

“This camp served its very purpose of leading my mind, heart and soul to Christ. This was where I began to become passionately closer to God, where I felt Jesus truly in my life, and where I experienced real freedom through the Holy Spirit. This was the time where I finally found my One true love, Jesus.”

-James Kevin, Iloilo

“It really is different when you belong in a ministry, especially one that’s focused on God. I’ve learned that the most important thing we can do is hold fast to our faith, and that we don’t listen to messages because they’re ‘practical’, but because it’s the truth, and these are the right choices to make.”

-Dale, Cebu-Central

“I know I was there for a purpose, because it wasn't that easy to go to Leverage Camp (financially and because of school). But God made a way for me to experience his Greatness, to be taught of the sacrifices he had for me, to show how much he loves me. And nothing compares to that.”

-May Ann, Cadiz

We would be lying if we told you that these ‘Say So’ messages did not move us to tears. Suffice to say, Leverage Camp 2023 was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

These messages (and many more others we sadly cannot fit in this newsletter) are a testament to how blessed we have been that God’s presence and guidance enveloped the whole camp from the moment the campers stepped into Camp Eliezer, to the very second they left.

So we ask you dear friends and supporters: please pray for every camper’s spiritual journey as they continue life back in their own homes. Leverage Camp may have only been a few days, but their own walks and adventures with God will carry on for the rest of their lives.

Mabuhay and until the next camp!

From all of us,

Young Life Philippines

Persistent In Prayer

by: Dr. Noel Yasi


Matthew 7:7

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking and you will find. Keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you.”


My prayer life has never been uncomplicated especially when I started keeping track of what I have been asking the Lord for certain problems, serious concerns, or difficulties. There is that tendency to make my prayers routinary, without any expectations on how the Lord will answer them.

Ikaw na bahala, Lord (it’s up to You, Lord) has always been my subconscious thought at the end of every prayer time.

But my prayers are supposed to be persistent, trusting that the Lord is listening and that He fully understands all my petitions.

Many times my prayers are filled with doubts, as if I am not worthy of the things that I am asking for. I have to constantly remind myself that the Lord loves me so much. He knows my needs, my problems, and my concerns, and that He will answer my prayers.  

The Lord is telling me that I just have to keep asking, seeking, and knocking the heart of our loving Father.  After all, prayer is not just about asking, but it is about building a relationship with God and trusting His plan for my life.  My persistence in prayer is a demonstration of my faith and trust in Him.



In as much as my prayers are filled with doubts, I ask You to incessantly remind me of how much You love me and that You care for all my troubles and concerns in life. Lord, I ask that You help me not to lose heart knowing that You will answer my prayers, even if it takes a long time.



Alberto Japitana III | Apr 19 | Volunteer Leader, YL Iloilo West

Trixie Clarisse Jalbuena | Apr 21 | Volunteer Leader, YL Iloilo West

Michelle Flores Puso | Apr 21 | Volunteer Leader, YL Palompon

Keiah Marie Ochavez | Apr 23 | Volunteer Leader, YL Cordova

Volleyball Camp

YL Dipolog

April 29 to 30


YL Cordova

April 29 to 30

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Please pray for God's hand on the results of all my 2nd quarter laboratory tests this April.


Please pray for the Lord’s provision for my father’s medication and supplements, as well as career guidance for my sister.


My brother is suffering a mental breakdown and has Bipolar type 2 diagnosis. He is hurting but not getting help and our family is at a loss for how to help him. Please pray for a breakthrough.


Please pray for Bigkis as we prepare Frontier Ranch Philippines and handle some necessary repairs within the campsite, prepare the volunteers and staff for upcoming camps, and for a good camper turnout for these camps.


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