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To all our dear friends and supporters,

As might already know, Young Life holds considers Prayer as part of its core ministry principles. This is definitely not just something we take lightly and without deep meaning. Praying for all the kids we hope to reach out to has been something we have been doing since the ministry started over 5 decades ago, and it is something we are going to continue doing in the months and years to come.

So this week, Young Life’s Global Day of Prayer will be happening over Zoom. This is an online gathering of leaders all over the division, for a simple goal: to pray for the Lord’s ministry. And we are inviting YOU to join us!

As written in the division-wide newsletter, the Young Life mission's theme is “I know my sheep.” Before we seek to know more kids by name across this mission, we will pause and consider the nature of the intimacy Jesus offers us in John 10:14-15: “‘I am the good shepherd,’ he said. ‘I know my sheep and my sheep know me — just as the Father knows me and I know the Father — and I lay down my life for the sheep.’”

Stephen and Chhunleang from YL Cambodia will help us reflect on Psalm 95:6-7, which reads, “Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.” We know that prayer is powerful because our good shepherd cares for us and our requests. Together, we will bring our requests to the Lord while also lifting up praise for the ways He moved in Dumaguete during the recently held APAC Training Week.

We hope you would be able to join us to pray for kids, leaders, and the YL ministries all over the world. Make sure to mark it on your calendars: OCTOBER 3, 12 NOON. By that time, you may join the zoom by clicking the button below:


Translated resources, including a morning solitude guide and a team praying guide, are available on the Day of Prayer site. We hope these resources draw you closer to the Father in prayer.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. And if you have any prayer requests for us to share in the future, please fill up the form using this prayer request link.


From all of us,

Your Young Life Philippines Family

Confidence in the Middle of the Storm

by: Analie Singgit


Mark 4:38-39

“Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke Him, ‘Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?’ He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, ‘Quiet! Be still!’ Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.”


When I read Mark 4:35-4,  the following phrases stood out: fierce storm, Jesus was sleeping, and “Quiet! Be still!”

Fierce Storm. The Scripture didn’t just talk about a storm, it talked about a fierce one in the middle of a voyage. I can’t imagine the terror the disciples must have felt during that moment.

Fierce storms happen in real life. There are times when I’d feel so shaken by problems with family, health, relationships, career, ministry, etc. Storms come and I cannot avoid them…just like we cannot avoid natural calamities.

Jesus Was Sleeping. Confidence. I wish I had the confidence Jesus had. In the middle of the fierce storm, he was just sleeping. How in the world can someone sleep during a storm?

When we had our Hands-On Training Session (HOTS) or contact work during the New Staff Training, my team was assigned to Silliman University and that worried me a lot. I was not from Silliman, I’m not familiar with the school, and HOTS took place during class hours.

Just like the disciples on the boat, I was filled with worry. I thought, “Lord, what do we do now?!” I was worried the participants from other countries wouldn’t have the contact work experience I wanted them to have (the Pilipinas perspective).

I was putting too much pressure on myself when I shouldn’t be. We prayed before we entered the school, but why was I still doubting?

Then here comes “Quiet! Be Still.” In the passage, Jesus rebuked the waves and the wind with that line…and then it was calm. But he could have also said the same to the disciples.

Going back to my experience, during HOTS, we found a group of students playing frisbee. I was deeply grateful for that moment. Who was I to doubt my Lord? He knew I played frisbee during contact work at home. It was not a coincidence, it was Jesus right there. It was a great “Quiet. Be still!” moment for me.

In the midst of hard times, we worry, fear, and doubt. And sometimes we feel like Jesus is asleep. We know he’s there, but it seems like he’s not doing anything to help us. Then we panic and lose control, and it’s because there are things in life that are really out of our control. What we should do is be still and trust in the Lord because His promises never fail.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for always having our back. We pray that we stop worrying about things we cannot control. Give us a heart that will trust you at all times. Grant us the grace to endure hardships. We give back to you all the glory and praise.

In Jesus’ name,



Claire Cabanag | Oct 02 | Volunteer Staff, YL Bacolod Southsyd

Joshua James Hernandez | Oct 03 | Volunteer Leader, YL Bacolod Northsyd

Shane Carmona | Oct 03 | Volunteer Leader, YL Bacolod Southsyd

Ken Rheben Dacallo | Oct 05 | Volunteer Leader, YL Pavia

Christian Pase | Oct 08 | Volunteer Leader, YL Bacolod Southsyd


Please pray for Pia and Czary's healing, and that we would be able to leave the hospital soon. Also, please pray for Czary's schooling in that she will be able to adjust just fine. Finally, please pray for good health and spiritual growth for my family.


I pray that all of us would be able to endure and persevere through our own personal warfares, and that my life’s decisions would be centered around the Lord’s will. Thank you!


Please pray that I would score well in my upcoming prelim exams, that the Lord would help me retain all the things I’ve studied for. Also, please pray for good health, guidance and blessings. Thank you so much!


I’m praying for guidance and good health for all, and for more blessing to come. Please help me pray for Rosemarie as she reviews for her board exam. May the Lord continue to guide her.


I hope and pray that we would remain stress-free and capable as we tackle our research, that we would be successful in our upcoming MathSayaw, and that the world would continue to strive for peace and healing.


Please help me pray for good health, and constant protection. And that I would be guided during my upcoming exams, reportings, and demonstrations.


Please pray for my family’s health, or them to continuously be guided and protected by the Lord, and for us to have strong and consistent communication always. Please also pray for me as I prepare to take my Licensure exam this January 2024.


Please pray for the people around me to learn to love themselves and see the small blessings and miracles given to them every day that they may have overlooked due to our fast-paced lives, and that we may we all learn to love.


Please pray for the safety and health of my family, that I would be able to get a job, and that I would be able to pass the board exam.


Please pray for the fast recovery of my brother Lyndon, as he got into an accident and had broken a finger. Also, please pray that we our salary would be released soon, and that my family would continue to be safe.


Please pray for peace of mind and for the safety of my kids.


Hopefully, Lord-willing, we would be able to have a baby this year.


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