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YL Philippines Among Abing

To all our dear friends and supporters,

We are finally back!

The past two weeks have been quite the ride, as we had the YL Asia-Pacific Training Week at Dumaguete City last September 3 to 9. Dumaguete was lit up by the craziness brought by our friends from all over the division!

Close to 100 YL Staff from 16 different countries attended the week-long simultaneous trainings: one for New Staff, and the other for Directors. Dozens of senior leaders were also in attendance to help teach, train, and guide the trainees throughout the week.

It was such a blessed time, and so much was learned and shared throughout the whole week that it would be amiss if we forget to acknowledge the people who have been pivotal in making this training a successful one:

The YL APAC Learning Team led by Suzanne Sittko (with Robbie Yasi and Emily Chang as associates) for being the main organizers of the Training Week.

The YL APAC Service Team led by Mike and Shari Gaffney, for allowing the team to have enough resources to make things possible.

Negros Oriental State University, specifically to Dr. Noel Yasi, for granting the program well-equipped and highly comfortable venues for the many sessions.

The YL Dumaguete Team led by Ate Melona Yasi, for bring wonderful hosts, and for accompanying the teams during their Hands-On Training Sessions.

The YL Philippines Staff led by Kuya Wilbert Yasi, for helping out with the program, despite many of them being participants themselves.

The Country Teams all over Asia-Pacific, for raising funds and allowing their staff members to be a part of this wonderful gathering.

There’s so many more people that need to be thanked and acknowledge, but we know that all Glory and Honor should be given to our Lord almighty for making all this possible. Without Him, this training would have no purpose, and for that we are eternally grateful.

We hope and pray that you, our dear friends and supporters, continue to pray for all the participants, as they continue their respective ministries back home. That with the stuff they have learned from the training, they would be able to reach more kids in their area and introduce them to the wonderful love of Jesus Christ.

Mabuhay ang YL Asia-Pacific!

From all of us,

Your Young Life Philippines Family

Obey and Take the Leap

by: Jireh Adlawan


‭‭Genesis 12:1-4

“The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you. I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you.”

So Abram departed as the Lord had instructed, and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy-five years old when he left Haran.”


When I was a kid, our family would have movie nights every Friday. On one of those nights, we watched "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." There was a scene where Indy had to go through several obstacles, including the leap of faith.

Indy had to cross a huge chasm so he can get to the other side, but what he saw was just a bottomless pit. According to the diary he got, he learned that the only way you can cross to the other side is by taking that leap of faith and just believing what the diary had said.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to take that leap of faith? I know I have. A thousand times. It’s not easy to be in that situation, may it be in the family, work, school, with our friends, in a relationship, and even more in the community.

In the Bible, we read about a man who also needed to take a leap of faith. His name was Abraham. God had asked Abraham to leave his comfort zone and go to the land God had set for his family to inherit. I don't know what Abraham thought when he heard this, but there were sure to be uncertainties along the way.

Sometimes I’m afraid of the uncertainties when God calls me to do something for Him; sometimes I just rely on my own strength and understanding.

But what makes God awesome is He doesn't just leave us hanging. He assures us of His promise, like His promise that Abraham will be a father to all nations and through him every nation will be blessed. That promise was fulfilled through Jesus Christ who is our hope.

But before the promise was fulfilled Abraham had to do something—he needed to obey. His obedience led to countless lives that found hope in Jesus Christ. A great reminder for me that when God calls me to do something whether big or small, I just have to simply obey Him and trust in His promise.

Oh, and about the movie, the scene ended with Indy finally taking the leap…and realizing there was an invisible bridge that goes all the way to the other side :)



It’s so great to learn from people in the Bible like Abraham whom you called to get out of their comfort zones and guided to what you have called them to do. Lord, help me to always remember to obey you and not lean on my own understanding of things. Help me see the things that you want me to see and lend a hand to those who need your help.



Adrian Hernandez | Sep 4 | Volunteer Leader, YL Bacolod Northsyd

Sheryl Cabase | Sep 9 | Volunteer Staff, YL Lapu Lapu

Paule Kale Surriga | Sep 12 | Volunteer Leader, YL Bacolod Southsyd

John Patrick Taboada
| Sep 14 | Volunteer Leader, YL Cebu-North

Dave Tampos | Sep 15 | Volunteer Leader, YL Cebu-North

Jevan Somortin | Sep 15 | Volunteer Leader, YL Cebu-Highland

Elleamae Juntilla | Sep 15 | Volunteer Leader, YL Cebu-North

Mary Grace Sanico | Sep 16 | Volunteer Leader, YL Palompon

Walter John Marcelino Digman | Sep 17 | Volunteer Leader, YL Ormoc

Alea Gumera | Sep 17 | Volunteer Leader, YL Cebu-North

Quennie L. Soria | Sep 18 | Volunteer Staff, YL San Carlos

Geryan Mananquil | Sep 22 | Volunteer Leader, YL Tanjay

Mary Alexis Pontanar | Sep 24 | Volunteer Leader, YL Cebu-Highland


Please pray that the Lord would grant me long life, good health (for everyone, as well), and more blessings


Please pray for healing within the Cimafranca family, for peace of mind, and for wisdom and knowledge


Please pray for safety in our daily lives, for health and productivity, and for peace and that we would be far from bad situations.


Please pray that I won’t be lazy with my responsibilities, that I would have good grades this semester, and that we would all achieve world peace and good health.


Please pray for Mama Beverly’s safety and health, hopefully her wounds would heal soon. Also please pray for financial resources for my daily provisions and for my studies. I also hope and pray that I would be able to visit my home this weekend.


I pray that all illnesses within my family would be healed, that I would be granted enough strength to do everything I have to do everyday, and that things would just be clear and peaceful everywhere.


I hope and pray that I would be safe and protected, that I would be able to overcome all my struggles, including my studies, and that I would find happiness and peace in the Lord.


Please help me pray for my father who has been having frequent bouts of the chills, and for the scholastic well-being and safety of every student out there.


Please help me pray that I may have more courage to study and may God bless me with knowledge and wisdom as I take the Licensure Examination this September.


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