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Among Abing

To all our dear friends and supporters,

This week, we are celebrating and praying for some very special people: YOU!

For the past five decades, our volunteers and staff have worked tirelessly to make sure every Filipino kid gets the chance to meet and know Christ honestly. However, none of this would have been possible, and certainly not for this long if it had not been for our dear supporters and donors.

Your generous hearts and prayerful spirits have allowed our team to continue the work they do, and in turn, have allowed more and more kids to build a lifelong personal relationship with Jesus. Your support (financially, in kind, or through prayer) has been the fuel that keeps the fire going for our ministry work in the Philippines.

So, as a simple way of saying thank you, this week’s prayer focus would be every single one of you! We are praying for your health, your safety, and your relationships—most especially the one you have with Jesus.

This could not compare to the amount of support you all have wholeheartedly given us throughout these years, but we hope seeing the work we do through our Among Abing issues have been as meaningful for you as your support has been for us.

We celebrate you this week, dear friends. But in all honesty, we ought to celebrate you everyday.

On behalf of every kid who met Jesus through the clubs, camps, contact work and campaigner programs you have all helped make a reality, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


From all of us,

Your Young Life Philippines Family

He Who Never Changes Is in the Business of Changing

by: Melona Yasi


Hebrews 13:8

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”


All of us in Young Life were once kids who have been changed by Jesus. I was changed by Jesus through a Young Life Camp in October of 2000, but He is not yet done with me. He is still working on me.

One of my favorite songs in YL is “He’s Still Working On Me,” which goes:

There really ought to be

a sign upon my heart

Don't judge him yet,

there's an unfinished part

But I'll be better just according to His plan

Fashioned by the Master's loving hands

He's still working on me to make me what I ought to be…

Jesus is in the business of changing people. Yet, Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever. The one who never changes is in the business of changing. We, the staff of YL, are living proof of that.

He’s not done with us yet, and he continues to change us until now. We were also given the opportunity to see change in the life of every kid He sends our way.

If He was able to change us before, and He is still changing kids today, then He will for sure continue to change lives in the future.

I am so grateful that through Young Life I was given an opportunity to see kids’ lives change. It will always be a glorious and gratifying experience. I thank Jesus for allowing me to be part of His wonderful business of changing people.


Dear Lord,

Thank You for the chance You’ve given me to serve You in the ministry. Thank You for the opportunity to see how You change lives. I know I am not qualified, so please help me and guide me. I lift to You all those who are also serving in Young Life and other ministries. May You be with us on this journey.

I pray this in Jesus’ name,



Booster Camp

YL Western Negros

November 18 to 19

Journey Camp

YL Bacolod Southsyd

April 29 to 30

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Micah Pantonial | Nov 09 | Volunteer Leader, YL Bacolod Southsyd

Mikaela Librodo | Nov 11 | Volunteer Staff, YL Bacolod Northsyd

Yan-Yan Malto-Bonganciso | Nov 11 | Volunteer Staff, YL San Carlos


Good health and safety for my loved ones, guidance and safety for my review, and that I would be able to successfully pass my upcoming board exam.


Please pray for my wife Maimai’s myoma operation. It will be on October 11. Also, please pray for my personal health condition (arthritis).  


Please pray for my family’s health, or them to continuously be guided and protected by the Lord, and for us to have strong and consistent communication always. Please also pray for me as I prepare to take my Licensure exam this January 2024.


Please pray for the safety and health of my family, that I would be able to get a job, and that I would be able to pass the board exam.


Please pray for the fast recovery of my brother Lyndon, as he got into an accident and had broken a finger. Also, please pray that we our salary would be released soon, and that my family would continue to be safe.


Please pray for peace of mind and for the safety of my kids.


Hopefully, Lord-willing, we would be able to have a baby this year.

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