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To all our dear friends and supporters,

Leverage 2023 was just amazing. We could go on about how life-changing it was for everyone involved, but we want you to see for yourself how amazing it was.

So here’s a video summing up what went on during the whole camp:

Leverage 2023

With about 100 campers, 50+ Camp Staff and Cabin Leaders, and even some international guests, the return of Leverage shines a bright light of hope that the rest of the year would be filled with unforgettable camping experiences.

The success of Leverage 2023 brings with it an indescribable sense of excitement for all that’s coming: University Camp, Summer Camp, Dog Tag, just to name a few.

With all that went on in those couple of days, it would be amiss if we do not give thanks and credit to where credit is due:

To all the volunteers and staff who worked night and day to invite, guide, and accompany all the campers from their area.

To the Cabin Leadership Team led by Ate Telay Hernandez, for being with the campers throughout the whole camp, and helping them make the most out of the whole experience.

To the Work Crew led by Ate Mimi Mendoza and Ate Daisy Saladaga, for serving the camp with excellence and sincerity.

To the Kitchen Team led by Ate Becky Yasi, for serving the best food Young Life Camping has to offer.

To the Kids’ Camp team: Ate Angie Eroja and Ate Joyce Villamor, for letting the younger kids have fun while the camp went on.

To the Camp Program Staff led by Ate Kaykay Yasi for pulling off some of the wildest but also heartfelt activities throughout the whole camp.

To our Camp Speaker, Kuya Wilbert Yasi, for the words of encouragement and inspiration that would help keep the fire going for all those who had the pleasure of being part of Leverage 2023.

And of course, to all our supporters and prayer warriors back home. Thank you for your commitment to pray for the camp, you have all been heard, and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Leverage 2023 may be over, but the journey towards reaching out to every Filipino kid for Christ is only just beginning!


From all of us,

Young Life Philippines

Each Time I Can Hear You Say, “My Grace Is All You Need.”

by: Arrah Hernandez


2 Corinthians 12:7-10 (key verses 8-9)

“Three different times I begged the Lord to take it away. Each time he said, ‘My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.’ So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.”


Pauls talks about thorns in his flesh. I don’t know exactly what he means; it could be persecutions, enemies, hardships, or a physical condition. But for me, as I was reading verse 8, I remembered a very painful season in my life four years ago.

I remembered pleading to God every night to take away the pain, only to wake up the next morning still feeling the same. That was the thorn in my flesh at the time. Every day, I would ask God questions like, “When will this kind of pain go away?”

It was a long journey to healing, but looking back at the nights when I would plead God to take the pain away, I can now hear Him say, “My grace is all you need.” Because it truly was His grace and power that sustained me. It cultivated my character. It taught me how to wait and trust in His process.

Life will always have hardships, painful moments, and challenges that will make us beg the Lord to take the thorn away. But one of the most reassuring promises that I know for sure is that God will never fail us whenever we experience these things. His grace and power are all we need.

Let the power of God work in our weaknesses. Let it work in our pain. And let it bring us closer to Him.


Dear Lord,

I know it’s sometimes hard to thank You for the trials that come my way, but I thank You, Lord, for how You’ve worked and how you’ve sustained me each time. As we go on this journey and face more challenges, may we always hear You say, “My grace is all you need, my power works best in weakness.”



Erycris Minancillo | Apr 10 | Volunteer Staff, YL Cebu-North

Jecarla Ayling | Apr 13 | Volunteer Staff, YL Cordova

Aisa C. Ibero | Apr 14 | Volunteer Staff, YL Mabinay

April D. Lumanip | Apr 14 | Volunteer Staff, YL Lapu-Lapu

Marc Halcom Rey Bieren | Apr 16 | Volunteer Staff, YL Iloilo

Volleyball Camp

YL Dipolog

April 29 to 30


YL Cordova

April 29 to 30

*if you have any inquiries regarding any of the events below, just click on the organizing area to send an email to the staff-in-charge.


Please pray for God's hand on the results of all my 2nd quarter laboratory tests this April.


Please pray for the Lord’s provision for my father’s medication and supplements, as well as career guidance for my sister.


My brother is suffering a mental breakdown and has Bipolar type 2 diagnosis. He is hurting but not getting help and our family is at a loss for how to help him. Please pray for a breakthrough.


Please pray for Bigkis as we prepare Frontier Ranch Philippines and handle some necessary repairs within the campsite, prepare the volunteers and staff for upcoming camps, and for a good camper turnout for these camps.


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