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To all our dear friends and supporters,

This week, we will be featuring the last of our new staff members: Glorivic "Ate Glors" Gabutan.

Being the only admin staff on our new staff list, Ate Glors has been an amazing addition to the team. Her bookeeping prowess and her skills in human resources are proving to be extremely helpful with making sure the ministry continues to run effectively and efficiently.

Her addition to the staff also further proves that Ministry Support (ministry-related work that doesn't involve Direct Ministry) is still essential when it comes to getting things done. So as we celebrate ate Glors's entry, we also celebrate every Ministry Support staff out there.

How did you get started with YL?

  • I was introduced to Young life way back in 2011 through my now-husband, Crispin Gabutan. He was still a DGL scholar that time. At first, I usually just attended and observed their clubs. I also went to check out the last night of Summer camps, and was pretty content with my involvement until such time, I was able to join Summer camp as a counselor in 2017.

Why did you decide to join the YL Staff Team?

  • When I decided to stop working in the corporate world, the only prayer I had was that God would take me to where I can be used for His Kingdom. And as the pandemic hit, I started to realize that God is already using me in YL (as a volunteer staff) but He kept pushing me to commit myself in Him and to the ministry that He had set before me.

How did your involvement with YL impact your relationship with Jesus?

  • Young Life has been instrumental in making me who I am today. Through YL, I became someone who is willing to open my home for kids. I ended up becoming someone who would love them and teach them about who God is.  YL has been a huge part in allowing God to develop helpful skills in me, guide me as I spiritually grow, and strength me in personal life.

What are some dreams you have for your area? for YL?

  • My dream is that we would be able to reach out to 13 barangays, get to know the kids there, build relationships with them and their parents, and hopefully lead them to Jesus. I also pay that we would be able to have well-trained, passionate volunteers in the ministry who are more than willing to share Christ to others. I am also praying that God will continue to expand Young Life and allow it to continue being used for His Kingdom.

What are you praying for right now?

  • My prayer is that God will allow the seeds that are planted in the hearts of our contacts to grow. That He will use them in sharing Christ to others. That we, as Young Life Leaders, we would be good examples to them. And that our lives will be testimonies of Christ’s love.

Ate Glors is taking on an important task of making sure the gears that allow the ministry to run financially are well-maintained and are working smoothly. So we ask for everyone to pray for her and the work she's doing, so that through her, more kids everywhere can have the opportunity to know more about Christ!

Mabuhay ka, Ate Glorivic!

From all of us,

Your Young Life Philippines Family

Never Too Old!

by: Grace Ybañez


Genesis 18:14

“Is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return about this time next year, and Sarah will have a son.””


Age is just a number. People say it’s the basis of a person's maturity and retirement, but is it really the basis of retirement—the end of service? Of course not. In fact, in the Scripture, we learn from the life of Abraham and Sarah that even in their old age, the Lord used them for a greater purpose.

Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 99. Clearly Sarah had already passed the age of bearing a child. She laughed at the thought of having a baby. She laughed at the thought of her and Abraham running after a child.  But just as God promised them, they had Isaac.

God promised and He is a promise keeper.

Even though Sarah doubted at first, we can see that if you are willing to be used by God, no matter how old you are, He will use you mightily. Serving God does not require age, it only requires willingness and commitment to do His work.

When I was young, I saw the deacons and the church members serving the Lord even at their old age. I looked up to them, and I told  myself that someday I want to be like them. Even when my hair turns gray, when my eyesight fails, and when I get wrinkles, still I will let God use me according to His will and purpose in my life.

Age will never be a hindrance in serving God. Just like Abraham and Sarah, God used them mightily despite their old age. God promised Abraham that he will be the father of a great nation then God fulfilled it at the right time. Not too late, not too early, just at the right time.


Our gracious and loving Father,

Thank you very much for your words today. Thank you that I am able to reflect on the life of Sarah and Abraham. Thank you for putting in my heart the value of service. Help me to continue serving you through the ministries you have entrusted to me. Help me go on regardless of my age. I commit everything to your hands.

In Jesus’ name,



Jeffrey “Kuya Jeff” Luague | Jun 10 | Area Director, YL San Carlos

Cris John Bohol | Jun 11 | Volunteer Staff, YL Mabinay

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Please pray for healthy crops as my father just started a squash and corn farm. Please pray for the Lord to grant him the strength to take care of it, as well.


Please pray for the Lord’s provision for my father’s medication and supplements, as well as career guidance for my sister.


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