Among the many treasured memories in your life, what images and emotions come to mind when you hear about The Young Life Camp?

I bet you smile, laugh, cry, and most certainly, you recall your fondest memories with friends from all over the country!

Camp Eliezer (formerly called Trinity Ranch) has been a witness to thousands of changed lives—including yours.

Through the years, campers have come and gone. Camp Eliezer silently bore the wear and tear that came along with every best week-of-our-life experience. But despite that, kids’ laughter echoing throughout the site never died down one bit. The retelling of stories of our camp experiences seemed to carry on forever. Camp Eliezer has been a constant listener to every conversation, every confession, and every heartfelt prayer made within its gates.

But in December 2021, Supertyphoon Odette came.

As we looked at the photos and videos of a campsite we barely recognize, our hearts were heavy with grief and our prayers were full of tears.

“Lord, how in the world can we repair all this?”

His reply was loud and clear: We can’t repair Camp Eliezer. But we can rebuild it. Together.

It is a mission that we are more than excited to be part of.

Dear friend, won’t you join us in this call to rebuild our beloved Camp Eliezer?

We need you to help us to rebuild the one place that brings beautiful memories of our past—so it can continue to be a place of safety and life-change for thousands of Filipino teenagers in the future.

If this is something that you are interested to be a part of, check out this video:

Together let us relive those precious moments where our hearts were set on fire and may we be stirred again to continue what God has started in each one of us. Let’s rebuild the camp, dear friends. Let’s pay it forward!

To more unforgettable memories kids will make. To laughter and tears that will resonate in the coming years. To thousands of lives that have been changed—and to thousands more!

If you wish to pledge for this project, please click the button below and fill up the pledge form.

Again, we thank you for your time and we hope and pray that you join us in this mission to bring back Camp Eliezer to every Filipino kid.

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