Kimberly Codera

Area Director
Young Life Cebu-Highland

#About Me

Kimberly “Kim” Codera has been a member of the YL Staff Team since 2017. Having previously been the Area Director for YL Cebu-Central, she has since opened YL Cebu-Highland and is currently serving as its Area Director. Kim is also a Developing Global Leader graduate.



Asian College of Technology
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


6 years as a staff member of Young Life Philippines.

#Trainings & Seminars

Our staff are fully equipped to face the challenges that come with handling a ministry. As proof, here are some of their earned licenses and training experiences:

Leadership 2 - 2021
New Staff Training - 2017
How has Young Life impacted you as a staff member?

• I’ve been with Young Life since 2010 and have been a staff member for 5 years already. Young Life impacted my life in so many ways. First, I became a better person and have been blessed to be surrounded by people who encourage me to do better in life and make wise decisions. Second, being in Young Life helped me with balancing my responsibilities in both ministry and personal life. Lastly, being on staff helps me grow closer to God. It helps me know Him more and grow my personal relationship with Him.

How has Young Life impacted your community?

• I grew up in a community where there is a great opportunity to help people and introduce them to Jesus Christ and I personally have been wanting to introduce Young Life to my community for a long time. For me, Young Life has greatly impacted my community since Young Life Cebu-Highland started last April 2021. Since then, a lot of young people have experienced real fun, real friendship and most importantly, received a real introduction to Jesus. Some of them have even accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! Still, a lot of young people in my community need to experience the real love that we experience from Jesus Christ and Young Life is a great avenue for them to get this.

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