Ate Telay

Estela Hernandez

Metro Director
Young Life Silay

#About Me

Estela “Ate Telay” Hernandez has been a YL Staff Member since 1985. She has served as Area Director for YL Bacolod, Division Head for YL Philippines West and is currently serving as the Metro Director for YL Bacolod. Ate Telay is also currently developing several areas within her Metro, one of which is YL Silay.



West Negros College
Bachelor of Arts Major in English


39 years as a staff member of Young Life Philippines.

#Trainings & Seminars

Our staff are fully equipped to face the challenges that come with handling a ministry. As proof, here are some of their earned licenses and training experiences:

Biblical Stewardship - 2021
Global Leadership Summit - 2015
Global Leadership Summit - 2014
Area Director Training 2 - 2012
Area Director Training 1 - 2010
How has Young Life impacted you as a staff member?

• The people in Young Life have always been welcoming to me and to the other newbies even when I first set foot in a Young Life Center. It has become my second home and family. It was in Young Life that I found friends for life. It was in Young Life that I grew in my knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ. It was in Young Life that I experienced a "stirring" to serve God. As a staff member for more than thirty years now, this was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. When I gave up my dreams to serve Him through Young Life, I never guessed that in serving Him, I will fulfill all my dreams!

How has Young Life impacted your community?

• For a long time, I was teasingly called the "girl who is always on the go". My neighbors would rarely see me in the neighborhood. But my parents (when they were still alive) were the ones inviting the kids in the community and telling the parents that they should allow their children to join Young Life. And in time, Young Life is always called out to join some church rallies and gatherings to lead games and group dynamics. Schools have been very open to our True Love Waits Program and SAVED Program, as well. And for the past years, Young Life has become a favorite in leading Team Building Retreats and classroom leadership seminars!

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