Ate Daisy

Emma Saladaga

Metro Director
Young Life Palompon

#About Me

Emma “Ate Daisy” Saladaga has been part of the YL Staff Team since 1987. She has served as an area director for YL Dumaguete and YL Palompon. She is currently the Metro Director for YL Leyte. Daisy also has a Professional Teaching License.



Cebu Normal University
Bachelor of Arts Major in Gen. Science


37 years as a staff member of Young Life Philippines.

#Trainings & Seminars

Our staff are fully equipped to face the challenges that come with handling a ministry. As proof, here are some of their earned licenses and training experiences:

Biblical Stewardship - 2022
License Professional Teacher - 1987
How has Young Life impacted you as a staff member?

• Being a part of Young Life has given me the endless desire to serve God more through ministry. I have committed more of my time to listening to kids so I can deeply understand their feelings and emotions. Now, being a staff member, I can fully say that I have gained the courage to acknowledge that I can learn from them. Through Young Life, I have learned that I should put these kids’ needs before mine.

How has Young Life impacted your community?

• Young Life has been bringing God's Word to countless kids. Young Life continues to bring kids together in a fun and wholesome atmosphere—encouraging them and providing support wherever needed. As one of the alumni here said, "Young Life Palompon’s lasting impact to the community is continually providing a space where everybody is equal, where everyone is valued for themselves instead of their background, and where one can make personal connections and lasting friendships".

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