Crispin Gabutan

Area Director
Young Life Cordova

#About Me

Crispin Gabutan Jr. has been part of the YL Staff Team since 2017. He is currently the Area Director for YL Cordova, an area he helped establish a couple of years ago. Crispin is also a Developing Global Leader graduate.



Philippine State College of Aeronautics
Bachelor of Arts Major in English


6 years as a staff member of Young Life Philippines.

#Trainings & Seminars

Our staff are fully equipped to face the challenges that come with handling a ministry. As proof, here are some of their earned licenses and training experiences:

New Staff Training - 2017
How has Young Life impacted you as a staff member?

• Young Life has become part of more than 2 decades of my life now. The impact it made in me 2 decades ago is now becoming more and more of not just giving the impression of FUN, FRIENDSHIP, and ADVENTURE but a deeper sense of JOY, INTIMACY with my CREATOR, and SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Being a Staff Member means a bigger responsibility and that responsibility would not only include service for the community but for my own sense of being first. It made me feel and think relevant to the world around me and becoming someone who could show God’s love through the ministry for kids. Young Life took away the focus in me and my personal desires and turned my focus to the needs of young adolescents who need someone to direct them to Jesus and give them opportunity to be leaders who are reaching their peers.

How has Young Life impacted your community?

• Everywhere Young Life is present, it’s going to be not just an ordinary community. I believe that each community needs someone to help them “bridge the gap” between two parties. Since Young Life Staff members are not only limited in reaching to kids, their parents are also given time to get help in understanding the complex world of young adolescents. And during the time of the pandemic and natural disasters, staff members were able to serve the community and help them meet immediate needs. Parents are now having confidence that their kids who are being involved with Young Life are becoming better individuals and are able to become helpful in their community. There is a growing and a deeper relationship within YL contact families where we look out for one another’s kids and how they are growing in their academic, social, and spiritual development.

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